Well Water Testing
Posted on 08/15/2019

According to the EPA, more than 13 million households get their drinking water from private wells. The State of Washington does not regulate the water quality of private wells. This means that it is up to the homeowner to test their water regularly in order to ensure their water is safe to drink. BFHD recommends that homeowners test their well water for coliform bacteria and nitrates annually. 

Summer is a good time to test your well water. These hot summer days create conditions that can allow coliform bacteria to grow. The presence of coliform bacteria indicates possible contamination of the drinking water and potential health risk.

If you are interested in testing your well water, stop by our Kennewick or Pasco office locations and purchase sampling bottles. Fill these sample bottles with water from an indoor tap, such as your kitchen sink, and return the bottles for testing. Run the cold water for at least five to ten minutes prior to sampling. Remove the aerator on the faucet if present. It is best to take the sample and bring the bottle to the BFHD lab the same day. Only take a sample Monday-Friday to ensure the water is not too old for testing. The BFHD lab tests coliform bacteria samples daily and runs nitrate tests on Wednesday and Fridays.

If you have questions regarding water testing, please call the lab staff at (509) 460-4206.