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COVID-19 in Benton and Franklin Counties

June 3, 2020  1,817 cases, 84 deaths

Benton-Franklin Health District provides regular updates on case counts for Benton and Franklin Counties. 

Our goal is to share reliable information with the public and our partners. We have developed a new dashboard and data tables to help you visualize the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

See our 
info-graphics about the COVID-19 testing and reporting process and case investigation

Effective May 30, 2020 updates to case count will only be posted Monday-Friday by 2 p.m.  Information received or completed over the weekend will be reflected in the Monday update.
e report case numbers each day that are official through 11:59 p.m. the night before

We are committed to providing accurate information while respecting the medical privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

The Tyson Fresh Meats outbreak has concluded as it has been over 14 days without a new case. Those cases will continue to be include in the case count, but not as a separate outbreak.  

Most Recent Numbers 

On June 3, we are announcing 32 new cases. Benton County cases increased by 20 (20 confirmed and -2 probable). Franklin County increased by 14 (12 confirmed and 2 probable). Two cases previously reported as probable in Benton County are now lab confirmed. 

We have no deaths to report.

In response to feedback we are returning the graphs to BFHD Notification Date rather than Symptom Onset. This is effective 5/27/2020.