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Big Changes Coming to WIC

Posted on 10/ 03/ 2019

WIC is introducing big changes with the introduction of a WIC EBT card taking the place of paper checks. WIC offices in...

Former Franklin County Inmate Has Hepatitis A

Posted on 09/ 26/ 2019

A former Franklin County inmate has tested positive for hepatitis A. She was incarcerated in the Franklin County jail i...

Girl Vaping

Vaping Associated Lung Injury Confirmed in Washington State

Posted on 09/ 13/ 2019

Washington State now has seven confirmed/probable cases of Vaping Associated Lung Injury There are no confirmed cases i...

Preparedness Month Topics

National Preparedness Month 2019

Posted on 09/ 12/ 2019

September is National Preparedness Month – Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) uses this month as an opportunity to ...

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Food Establishment Enforcement Policy Update

Posted on 08/ 10/ 2019

An updated version of the Benton-Franklin Health District’s Food Establishment Enforcement Policy was placed in effect ...

Health Hazards of Wildfire Smoke

Posted on 07/ 31/ 2019

Wildfire season is here and it’s important to be aware of the health hazards of wildfire smoke

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