A One Health mindset is essential to our work at Benton-Franklin Health District. One Health connects human health, animal health, and the environment together. This means that what happens to animals and the environment can affect people and vice versa. In our world today, where everything is linked together, One Health is vital for keeping everyone healthy.
At its core, One Health recognizes the intricate relationships between humans, animals, and ecosystems. It encourages collaboration among professionals from various fields, such as medicine, veterinary science, ecology, and environmental studies. When doctors, vets, scientists, and experts from different fields work together, they can understand and stop diseases from spreading. This teamwork also helps us prepare for new diseases that might come up and stop them before they become big problems.

One Health isn't just about sickness, though. It's also about things like making sure the food we eat is safe, protecting animals, and taking care of the places we live in. By learning about One Health, you'll see how it helps us stay healthy and take care of our planet at the same time. On this page, you can discover how One Health is reshaping Public Health, fostering healthier communities, and contributing to a more resilient planet.

"Some 60% of emerging infectious diseases that are reported globally come from animals, both wild and domestic. Over 30 new human pathogens have been detected in the last 3 decades, 75% of which have originated in animals." -World Health Organization)

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One Health
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