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Foodborne Norovirus Outbreak Linked to Bar Drinks

Posted on 06/ 23/ 2019

The Benton-Franklin Health District Food Safety Program recently investigated an outbreak of norovirus that was linked ...

Baby with measles

Washington State Measles Outbreak

Posted on 05/ 23/ 2019

Nine new cases of measles have been confirmed in Washington in May. The current outbreak began on May 9 in three Puget ...

Rodents & Hantavirus

Posted on 05/ 15/ 2019

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a rare, but often fatal disease. Exposure to this virus happens when rodent urin...

Syringe Exchange Services Position Statement

Posted on 04/ 08/ 2019

The opioid epidemic is a complex problem that needs a comprehensive and collective approach. BFHD supports syringe serv...

Influenza Activity Increasing

Posted on 04/ 02/ 2019

Influenza activity has increased recently across the state, including the mid-Columbia region. Typically influenza act...

Health Disparities Report Cover Page with Cable Bridge

2018 Health Disparities Report for Benton and Franklin Counties

Posted on 02/ 19/ 2019

The Assessment and Data team at Benton-Franklin Health District recently released a 2018 Health Disparities Report. Thi...

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