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Smiling, multi-generational family eating nighttime meal together

Planning ahead for a safe holiday season

Posted on 11/ 08/ 2021

What makes this year's festivities different? We learned a lot of things from the winter celebrations of 2020, a lot o...

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

More than clocks

Posted on 11/ 03/ 2021

Carbon monoxide is called the invisible killer, because you cannot see or smell it. Carbon monoxide poisoning can come ...

Safety Tips for Back to School

Posted on 08/ 30/ 2021

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, both for kids and parents. As we al...

Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted on 05/ 05/ 2021

The Benton-Franklin Health District Board of Health has proclaimed May as Mental Health Month in Benton & Franklin Coun...

Homebound and waiting for COVID vaccine?

Posted on 04/ 20/ 2021

What programs are in the works? Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) is working hard to connect resources and get vac...

Vaccines work, they just take time

Vaccines work, they just take time

Posted on 01/ 19/ 2021

You've probably heard the experts claiming the COVID-19 vaccines are up to 95% effective, which has been documented in ...

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